• What do you think needs to be added in the electricity update?
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What I believe should be added: Buzzer / alarm - a device that when an electric signal goes to it a noise occurs. You could hook this up to a laser trip wire near your front door and when a player activates it a noise will go off in your base warning you that someone is outside. A motion sensor / light - a sensor that when someone goes in its field of view activates an electrical signal. This device could come as one with a light to create a security light you can place outside: if a player walks near it activates What do you think should be added? Please leave a comment below
So far i love the idea of electricity in Rust, it could be great just like redstones in Minecraft and people could be very creative with it. I presonally would love to see electricity triggered trap doors, and maybe some sort of electric trap?
definitely, we need more traps anyway
I guess this could be a bit useless but maybe cool but what about an electric stove or furnace for cooking/smelting, we all eventually got into situation when you need to cook something and smelt something but dont have any wood so would have to go outside and chop some wood.
Nice idea, you've made me remember a post I saw for electric heaters that have a large radius
A delay component would be nice. Let's say you hit a switch and it delays 5 seconds before triggering. You can make it from the components you have, but it's a hassle. More than it should be
I wanted to make that but I couldnt figure out how to do it
Timer on the right have 2 seconds. Which is how long the delay is Timer on the left have 3 seconds. Basically 3sec-2sec=1sec how long the light will shine when the delay is over. Could be easier ways to do this, but I don't know. https://i.imgur.com/gnwpVbR.jpg
I want water mill and windmills to make Electricity making base placement and build area more important.
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