• I was banned a while back because my account was hacked
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A little while back my steam account was hacked, luckily I had gotten it back but when I got back onto steam it said I had been game banned on rust, the person who hacked my account seemed to have used hacks or so on Rust and it caused me to get banned. I haven't wanted to play until now so I made a ban appeal a few days ago through EAC but nothing has come back and I want to play my game, I purchased rust three years ago and play from time to time.
READ THIS concerning EAC bans/VAC bans/Game bans/developer bans/.. nobody here can help you
You are responsible for your account even if it is hacked, straight out of the Steam TOS. I'll save you the time and tell you that EAC isn't going to unban you. It sucks but it's the rules; otherwise cheater could get out of rightfully being banned by saying "but my account got hacked, someone else did it".
Also, having emails as evidence will unfortunately not help you. Seeing as emails can be faked and all. I know it wasn't mentioned but "I have emails showing my communication with VALVE/Steam Support" usually comes up after the above mentioned information.
my account was hacked is because of his I made myself ban perme,then I have a deban if you like thank you
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