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Hello people of Rust, I'am working on a school project but I need some data first. I would like to ask anyone who stumbles across this thread to answer following questions: 1. How many hours have you played Rust? 2. How old are you? 3. How much money have you spent on the juicy Rust skins? Thanks for your help guys and stay Rusty
Im doing this project for statistics class and yeah its about how people spend money on pc games, I just chose rust cause I like the game
6974 hours 28 years old ~500 USD
1: 10,000 Hours over multiple acocunts 2: 30+ 3: $10,000 USD or more.
1: 1061 hours total 2: 16 3: $80
i have 8,642 hours i am 18 years of age i have spent maybe $100 on skins
h: 13.200 y: 19 s: 360$
Im not sure if you still need some data h: 1050~ y: 27 s: 50$
H: 17434 Y: 40+ S: 0
h: 5385 y: 40+ s: 0
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