• Could rust have a windowed border less option?
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As all of you have at least once experienced crashing when you alt-tab out of a game (particularly those running vegetable based systems), a windowed border less mode could be the lord and savoir we have been waiting for. At least for me, as I always end up needing to alt tab, be it to lower someone's volume on discord because I'm getting some form of ear disease, or even to just check anything like my spotify. It's most annoying when in a battlefield, and because I'm holding ctrl, I press esc instead of tab sometimes. Welp, there goes that AK and 10k sulfur I was about to loot off a body, because of a function that opens the start menu despite the winkey being right next to ctrl. An option would be, of course, to play in windowed mode. but i'd rather not, because seriously, who the fuck would want to play in windowed mode? Many a games have this option integrated into their games, even fossils have it. It would be a great addition to the next wipe coming in December. It would be seriously appreciated if the devs could take this into account, as the amount of loot I've lost due to crashes is comparable to that of a CMgaming raid. a fix to this problem would greatly be appreciated even if the devs wont read this Specs: GTX 970 Ryzen 5 1400 (3.9GHz) 8GB DDR4 (running rust on 850 evo)
no, it doesn't unfortunately
I used Borderless Gaming to change the windowed mode to boderless window. It works great and didn't get me banned ;)
Thats a great fix, and i sure will give it a try, but it is definitely not something you should have to do for a 2018 game, considering that borderless mode is a standard in nearly every other title today.
I have been playing this game in windowed mode for over 4 years and dont see the problem with it having a border, I use Rust IO map at the same time and can change the window size whenever i need to without alt tab. I use a widescreen monitor without any problems. This is an updated 2013 game.
Good for you if you can play in windowed mode, but i think we can both agree that you are of a minority in the gaming community. It still should be something that is in the game without question, since it is such a simple mechanic.
Not unless you can show me some statistics instead of just your opinion. The option for playing in windowed mode has been there since the game came out and i have seen no one complain that it is redundant. except for you of course .
By default Rust doesn't have true fullscreen so basically you're already using windowed fullscreen mode. You can add "-window-mode exclusive" for true fullscreen mode although it'll give you EAC error eventually after alt+tab. You can add "-popupwindow" and to get a borderless window.
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