• Unplayable and unusual lag.
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I'm hoping someone can help with this sever rubber banding that I suddenly get on any rust server! I'ts not the best example but I've attached a quick Twitch clip of what happens, and please bare in mind before replying that this is replicated on any official, community or modded server that I join. I tried 5 random servers of each with varying player count with as little as 10 and as many as 150. It only suddenly started happening and I was able to play before with no issues at all. I have reinstalled Rust Disabled all firewalls/AV Put PC in DMZ on my router and disabled all firewalls Verified integrity of game cache Reinstalled steam Restarted PC + Router after each step I have 100/100 up+down internet with 0 other users on my network so speed or bandwidth is not an issue. I get no kind of lag on any other game especially of this kind and friends that I play with on the same server get none of this lag whatsoever. I've searched and searched for anyone with similar issues but can't seem to find any, that being said anyone complaining of lag usually just gets replies of 'get better internet' or 'must be your server' Literally any suggestions/ideas/similar issues would be greatly appreciated because as you can see the game is pretty much unplayable. Cheers! https://clips.twitch.tv/EnergeticResilientSalsifyDBstyle
How much RAM do you have?
In fact, what are your system stats? CPU, video card, and type of RAM (DDR3? DDR4? Do you know the speed offhand? Note: I don't care about the manufacturer of the RAM.)
This is almost exactly my situation as well. I noticed the change mid-week. Can't be 100% sure when it started, as I didn't play much during the week. Noticed for sure on Friday evening. I was playing the game completely fine before. No more issues with anything than anyone else. Then all of a sudden severe rubber banding. When it happens, if I check my ping, it's still in the acceptable zone. My internet speed is fine during, before, and after. ANY other game I start up and play has no issue. Just Rust. I've searched far and wide for issues as well, and I've found a lot from years ago. Aaand, I've seen no fixes for them that worked for me. Reinstalled game and steam. Defragmented. Updated network drivers. Checked error logs. Nothing works.
@elix GTX970, i7 7700k, DDR4/3200 I just can't see how this issue can be related to hardware or even connection due to it being flawless beforehand and on any other game/platform.
My point in getting you to post your specs is to eliminate hardware as a likely issue. Your machine is decently equipped so it's unlikely to be the flaw. However, if you were on an absolute potato running under the minimum specs, that'd be a whole other story, and until you gave me your specs I didn't know what kind of machine you had. Also just in case anyone's confused, I am not a Rust dev.
It looks to be something with the server or your internet nothing with your hardware as if you watch this clip and look at the ping you can see it jumps from 100 to 200 ping so maybe its something with your ISP ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
This is going to seem like a strange suggestion, but it works for me. I was getting severe drop in fps for no reason at all. Would last about 10-30 seconds, then playable again. I decided to run GPU-Z to see what was happening on my graphics card, and lo and behold, the problem went away (actually it still happens but just for a split second). I have no idea *why* running GPU-Z fixes the issue (maybe because it is constantly pinging the video card), but it helps me. I just run it in the background. Let me know if this helps you...
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