• i was permanently banned for no reason
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So i have been busy with school and just cheked steam and i had recieved an permanent ban from rust i have almost 400h i mainly play on modded servers and dont like to pvp also i have never cheated but i have had problems with anti cheat softwares mainly easy anti cheat, i would like to know why i got banned and if it could be resolved im 100% ready to sort this out and can provide any proof you want i would like to get my 20€ or my game back since i have not broken any rules atleast give me an proper explanation on the ban since to my knowledge i have not been cheating...
READ THIS concerning EAC bans/VAC bans/Game bans/developer bans/..
nobody is helping submitted tickets to all of them 2 days ago no responses
You can be unbanned if you submit video proof of yourself not hacking when you got the ban. Actually I'm kidding. We won't unban you. Like even if we could unban you, we woulden't. We have people coming here all the time lying their asses off about how they were banned for no reason. If you buy the game again, you will be rebanned in a few hours due to having your hardware ID flagged.
You're probably not going to get unbanned, but 48 hours is nothing in customer support time.
The only time they disclose what triggered EAC is in the instance of an actual false positive. If they disclosed what triggered a ban otherwise it would end up aiding in cheats being undetectable for longer. If there was a series of actual false positives and not just a couple of people parroting the term there would be an announcement, as there has been in the past. If you didn't get a response from EAC, then most likely was justified. Odds are if you did get a response you would just be here doing the same routine. Only saying as people trying to get a ban reversed via posting on the forum has been a thing since Rust launched on Steam. And roughly 7% of the time it was actually a false positive that affected a few hundred people as opposed to just conveniently 4 or 5 people who were cheating in some way. At least you didn't try to claim that the software for your keyboard or mouse got you banned. Or that your account was hacked years ago by someone in Russia and they did so just to cheat in Rust. It doesn't count for anything, it's just a nice change of pace from the usual attempt at an appeal.
Do what people said in this thread.
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