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Hi,  I've recently retired the esport side of MAKERS.GG with the aims and goals of moving into non-profit game server providing.  I'm looking for a team to work alongside. I have a cool domain, I'm a web developer by trade, so we're unlimited in scope and ambition. I have a whole bunch of funds to work with and I'd love to get content creators to promote our servers. Here's a list of cool things team members will get: - a Makers.GG email address - After 6 months of service, a cool MAKERS.GG t-shirt  - After 18 months of service, a cool MAKERS.GG hoody This is basically what we offered to volunteers during our esport days. Moving on: This is a list of roles I'm looking to fill:  1. Server promotion (Find active players for our servers)  2. Discord management (Setup, maintain and engage on Discord)  3. Server admins (Mature and responsible people only)  4. People with ideas (See a gap in the current Rust server market? Let's fill it)  5. Social media & Twitch (Let's make our presence known)  ---- So hey, if you have ambitions to run cool Rust servers and want to work with me (a dude with too much time, too much money and shhh don't tell my girlfriend but too many kids) then let me know! 
i have been playing Rust a bunch lately and have noticed some pretty bad inbalances in games (i have played on Vanilla, 2x and 3x --- as well as other but nvm) on vanilla what you get is a massive time suck --- all your day, a go away --- unless you wanna have a bow in a shitty shack i find Vanilla doesn't give you enough for your time e.g. mining, barrelling, etc. on 3x - nothing matters, everything you gain comes easy, making a base isn't that hard - which i kinda like --- scrap gain is absolutely ludicrous --- doesn't waste your time like Vanilla but you don't feel much accomplishment from it on 2x - everything is pretty close to ideal - what you have has a worth but scrap seems to come a little to easy --- building supplies (stone and metal) are fine enough my preferred server type (which i have never seen anywhere) - 1.5-2x on scrap but recycling is not 2x --- wood, metal and stone 2-3x --- sulfur 1.5-2x --- furnace speed 2-3x idk if you can change values e.g. make ak's more expensive Rust is a really cool game with a lot of work to be done but currently everyone i know acknowledges that there are a lot of imbalances with values would be cool if there was a server like this Make base building less stressful, less time consuming and allow people to spend more time finding scrap - the fun part of the game
Duly noted. I actually agree with that.
I love Solo servers for some reason, probably because I hate people screwing with my base build and I am particular how i stack and organize my loot boxes. Everytime I have a team mate their a goddamned slob, broken hatchets in with the guns, burlap shorts and 2 animal fat in with the ores... I hate that shit! So I prefer solo!
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