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Well... Scrap BP system is definatelly grindy AF. And it's good... But Rust is a survival game and survival itself should be rewarded. Don't you think that it would make a point, if a system of perks could be linked to that? For example: Sharpshooter - after killing 200 wolves&bears you can reload your bolty, not lowering the sights. Closed - after making 200 sheet metal doors you finally get it - the screws and bolts, they all create some kind of hoillistic unity - now doors made by you are worth of five, not four, five satchels! Long life the king! - after surviving 20 hours in this world you won't be willing to let it go - you will always stand up after being knocked down with no help. Eco-friendly - after recycling enough resources (like 30k), probably poisoned with byproducts, you experienced some sort of enlightment. Now you can recycle things with your workbench. Warm blood - after dying so many times of frost you seem not to care any more - and it seems to let go, so you won;t freeze this easily this time. Die from it 50 times first. Big eater - you poisoned yourself so many times with bad pickles, that you digestive system worked out a resistance. Good for you. I hope that you get the general idea. This could be many of those and they could be transitioned among servers, and not be wiped with bp's. Unlocking those could also require additional ingame, non-disturbed survival itself.
i love the idea, i do reckon 1 and 4 are op as fuck it would be cool to have activity based perks but what about choosable perks e.g. Same as Nether (although that system is not my recommendation) where you get exp from some sort of system (maybe similar to old exp) and that could be used to increase strength (mining, wood, spearing Newmans, aim sway...) could be used for certain bp's, e.g. trapper can make bear traps.... --- allows people who want these blueprints to have alternative access --- i had another post on here that went more indepth
But... But rock is craftable. I am not sure about the stone/wood inflation, rather making walls/doors harder would be better - big bases make servers lag.
That would make the game even worse for new players, while all of us with 1500+ hrs would have all the perks! I would like to see more items, weapons... I really would like more defenses! We have all these tools to raid with but shotgun traps and auto turrets for defense! Give me the ability to have low grade fuel buckets that explode or pour off my roof, or motion detected timed explosives, hanging spike traps, poison gas... I think the game is awesome but I wish I had more ability for defense. How about STASH markers? I mean we have to try and find the stashes all the time what a pain in the ass! Even if i screen shot the exact location. Make a Stash Marker on my map that I can name IE: Raid gear / Emergency Stash / Farm Stash/
Those are some great ideas. I really, really love them. Maybe that autolooter? Raider, dying inside of base's TC radius could loose a fraction of his inventory at least, that would be to be retrieved via the tool cupboard - by the succesful raider or trap loving owner owner.
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