• Bucket Heads Rust • Grand launch on 6th of December!
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Welcome to Bucket Heads! Your friendly Rust Community. Discord channel: https://discord.gg/2dKABqQ • We are an online Rust server community with huge passion to become the best Rust modded community server. We encourage all players to join us, whether you are just a newbie in Rust or a professional, so we can build together a heavy, friendly and filled with fun community! Tell us something about yourself in #general! • What is our aim? We're trying to bring you the greatest lighly modded Rust server experience. Stay with us along the journey and read the upcoming development updates in #development-updates. The release date is scheduled on 6th of December. If you have any suggestions, don't be afraid to speak your mind in the #general area. • I'd love to see many people joining the discord and discuss about the server! Also, a contest will be posted soon, a day before the release! Keep an eye out! https://imgur.com/cHnItRw
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