• Where is My Flare-gun? w/iam-back
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Been a while i was gone from the forums, i missed all of the Excitement Of Rusty world! i gave some ideas some of the devs in the Past And Friend ,Homey Homzy, Scary Gary, And the rest Of getting punched in the Face! of you guys Keep switching up the forums? One of my ideas Was the Flare Gun ,- I Know that flares were in game i know of! But no point of direction flares! Maybe even More Colors? Never That and Early Flare gun get shot in the mouth, that get you fired up!???
Flare gun would be a great idea, especially for defending a raid at night.
Single shot star burst round for nite time raids, 1 use only. For blinding or light, no ammo crafting ! elite loot drops , range of light starburst be a 2000 least 4 football lengths or less, can see in sky area location of flare , .timer eould be placed after fire of 🔫 gun, can cause blindness and 🔥 fire damage experimental basis.. Panzerguard
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