• Suggestion to fix reloading and modify bullet callibers
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Hello there, I don’t know if someone somewhere has ever written about this reloading issue, so I am sorry if I write about it repetitively. I guess most people playing RUST got used to this kind of reloading, but it is triggering. I mean the non sense reloading of 3 bullets in a bolt everytime. Instead of 1, 2, 3 or 4 bullets that are missing in the chamber. The shotgun reloading has also the same issue. DB is always reloading two shells instead of one or two. I can’t remember the pump, spaz and L96 reloading, but I think they have the same issues. Fixing reloading would save some time to reload missing bullets - maybe in price of lowering the overall reloading speed. I understand that these small issues requires work to do, but to perfect the already existing things you should get back and fix them. Additionally, I think that bullet types should be modified. The AK and bolt should use 7.62 ammo instead of 5.56 (which could be used by LR300, because it’s more NATO ammo type weapon). The python should use .357 magun calliber. Maybe because of it’s strength L96 could use .300 ammo which could be more rare? Best regards, Black racist
Lord Helk once said on twitter that fractional reloading is a very hard code to do but they do want to add it to bolty and shotguns so you dont have to do the whole animation when reloading 1 bullet
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