• Setup a Rust Server?
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Would anyone help me setup a Rust server? i kinda already know how to setup plugins and what not but lost on how to setup a public server. Like i can connect to my server on my Server PC but can't connect to my server on my main PC/Gaming PC i have tried port forwarding but that didn't seem to work so i'm lost on what i should do if anyone could help me out that would be great! We can talk on discord or something if needed
I will show you the portforwarding tutorial I used. Also once you know the type of router you have look up a tutorial for that exact one, this one is generalised How to Forward Ports on Your Router | PCWorld
Thanks i'll check it out i have already port forwarded my router but every time i use a port checker it says its closed
Try getting friends to join through the "friends" tab on the server list. I couldnt do it via IP but that worked for them idk how lol
Alright i'll have to try that tomorrow cause nobody's online sadly also i want this to be like a legit server meaning it showing on the server list and random people can join.
Ok you may be better off paying for a server then through a server provider or it will take alot of processing power from your pc and slow down your games etc whilst its on. The more people and more entities = more lag
Yeah true I do have a PC dedicated to just running the server and nothing else but i do plan on buying a server if the server starts growing that's if i can even figure out how to start one lol
I'm pretty sure Rustafied made a comprehensive guide on setting up a Rust server. You also might want to check out paying monthly for someone else to host the server for you; your server will shut down every time you power off your computer so having someone host it 24/7 might be worthwhile.
i checked out the Rustafied guide i think i have everything worked out except port forwarding its being a pain in the A** like i'll open a port but when i check it using a port checker it still says it closed and i don't know how to fix it or what am doing wrong :/ also i have an extra desktop i'll be leaving on 24/7 to run the server but i do plan on buying a server
Draw a diagram of your network, mark the relevant info on it. a computer has an IP address., this may be a "public" or a "private", or Natted. Sometimes they can be "tripple" natted (some service providers allocate an internal ip address to each customer.. but then nat to a small range of actual public ip's, you can see this on mobile networks ) So let's say your computer has an IP address or "", you MUST set your switch/router so your CPU ALWAYS has this IP address allocated by the routers DHCP., this is CRITICAL. next open the ports on your computer, using the computer firewall. THEN open the ports on the router, using the routers web front end, which is exposed to the internet. Then in your router config, link the routers external ports to the computers FIXED ip address. so your computer may be : 28015 28016 your router EXTERNAL may be : so link the incoming ports.> 28015> 28016 Note.. that every so often your router may change its external ip address, this is down to your service provider, but the router software should allow it to adapt.
Getting "Connection refused" on canyouseeme.org anyone know how to fix that? have tried starting my server then checking it again but its still saying Connection refused and i have turn off the firewall on router and pc and open ports on the pc and router :/
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