• Complaint regarding a DDoS-ing SEA server "Nefarious Gaming"
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The server nefarious gaming in itself isn't bad but the person owning it - Vanilla has been known to DDoS 3/4 of the SEA servers making many servers unplayable. This DDoS has also affected our small server "ScourgeLand" We would like FacePunch or someone to do something about this guy. Maybe take down his gaming server Nefarious or take some other strict action against him. I have proof about his antics - https://prnt.sc/lqd65m Please help stop this guy from making Rust Un-playable and very cancerious.
The Facepunch Studios Deathlaser Satellite is calibrating targeting on their house. They will be vaporized in 36 minutes. But realistically what is anyone supposed to do? Complain to his server host. The Rust devs can't take his server away from him, it's not like he needs permission from them to run a server. And even if they could they'd need more than one screenshot as proof.
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