• [Suggestion] Admins should be able to spawn blueprints
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Hi there! I would like to give a suggestion that is kinda of self-explanatory as you can see in the title. Now, if you are a server admin and wants to give someone a BP, you need to give them the item and the necessary scrap to them learn it. I think that would be much better and easier if admins could spawn blueprints of items, using a command like "givebp item.short.name" or "give item.short.name.bp". Well, that's all,  Hope you guys take this into consideration.
I dont see why as an admin you'd wanna hand out BP's but I can see this should be a feature
If you are an admin on a modded server you use the "give" plugin and that does exactly that.
I tried with the BP Manager but it's very broken, has a lot of problems, it often unlocks all the BP's when it's not supposed to. But how do I do that with the Give plugin?
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