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Hello rust community . I really enjoy this game but it is pissing me off now . At the start i tolerated it but i can´t take it any longer . Most of time i can´t connect to any server . Sometimes it even doesn´t show me any server . If i try to connect , it says : Disconnected: connection attempt failed . Only sometimes i am that lucky that i am able to connect somewhere but it is really annoying. My internet connection is perfect , i checked the FW and tried to reinstall the game or check the integrity of files . Nothing helps . Please if someone know how to repair this help me .
Check to see if your firewall is blocking it for some reason and also get a wired internet connection
I already mentioned the firewall above . And also i have wired internet connection . I verify all requirements for good connection. It seems like it is happening just for no reason .
if you are able to get the server's IP that you are connecting to. Press f1 and type "client.connect [IP]" and then enter
It will say Amsterdam but it is connecting you to the server you put the IP in for. Let it load
Ok then , i will try it thank you for your reply .
I think the problem is with you, not Rust or the servers. You should really check again if everything fits. And to stand here and say "I've already checked everything" and don't accept any suggestions, then I don't know.
I have the same problem and i have tried the following: Re-install Anticheat Re-install Rust Re-install Steam Fort-Forward TCP-UDP 28015-28016 in the router Rules for TCP-UDP 28015-28016 in windows firewall Deactivate Panda antivirus Verify files integrity Run everythning as admin Nothing worked so far. Any solution at this moment?
only after ipdate i have this broblem too
21.04.2019 and still without solution .
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