• Please add drivable planes or helicopters.
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Hi please add drivable planes or helicopters it will be awesome. We will be able to find aircrafts on airport or craft. The craft will be very hard.
I dont think that is a good idea. As an experienced rust player with 3000 hours I would not want this in the game. Its just not like Rust. Rust is primitive and man made, make do and DIY. also the fact of having helicopters you can pilot is just too OP. The amount of these that zergs will have etc. Hot air balloon is nice. It looks stitched together and its strange to fly, makes sense in rust, but helicopters and planes? No thanks
Sosig.exe i mean small helicopter. No the big one with minuguns and rockets. Small homemade helicopter or old one. For some storage and for 2-4 players. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/362856/b35a49b9-06f4-45c5-bcd5-dbf9e2dac3fe/image.png Something like this but with some rust and little bit damaged.
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