• Black screen when loading onto every rust server.
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OK so every time i try to load on to a server i get black screen and the pc kinda fucks up. I can still hear the sound/wind like im sleeping on the beach, but cant see. Sometimes it even crashes . I have played it before and it worked fine. Played around 80 hours or so. But now it dosent seem to work at all. Ive looked around internet for solutions and this is what i have tried but no luck. Re-installing steam/rustRe-installing the PC Valdidating files Guide with ram. connect via console. tried to connect with shit graphics. Run as administator Given full property to trusted installer. and so on. Nothing works, so thats why ask u guys if u know what i can do or try. Anything helps PC specs: gtx 860m i7 4710 2.5GHZ 8gb ram ddr3 and it cant be of my pc right cuz it worked fine a couple motnhs back????
Make sure your firewall isnt stopping it for a start. Your RAM is below the optimal 16gb Graphics card isnt the best Also try getting rust installed on an SSD
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