• are -force-feature-level- command disallowed/banned on rust?
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Are  -force-feature-level command disallowed/banned on rust? It seems that remove bushes/trees/and other objectives and player who use that command in launch options/typed in console can see 10x better than player who dont use that command, and also servers register hit as a hit even there is forest/pillars and other objectives between the combating players. Its clearly near of the cheat, value of that command should be same between with all players on the same server or disallowed to change that at all. That dont give so dramatic FPS boost that should be allowed. I hope fast answer on my question because some of the servers are banning because of this command and others dont and it works on Official and Unofficial servers.
This command just set the DX Level or not? Actually, no one should be able to banish you for it. Which servers do that?
[EU/FI] VIINAKELLARI • Vanilla • Just Wiped 29.11 | Rust server Atleast that server, but i see sense of that ban because that command is unfrair since its not know between all players. Hes ban should be removed and that command be blocked permanently by FacePunch develop or then serverside. Serverside blocking is just a line of a code on the server configs lmao.
Players should not be able to remove any entities on a server. they are there to play on the server not play around with the server. That is why FP removed the ability to take away the grass.
in my opinion, that command is a GAME RUINER and should not be in game. it gives you advantage over other players.
And what if some people's PC can't use DX11 or DX10? They're just not allowed to play, because there are 2 people crying about something that every Rust player knows, who has dealt with some optimization stuff?
I stand in a same line with Baba, its totally ruiner of the game. It should be fixed and be set to the same value between all players on the server, doesnt matter what they have changed on their configs/launch options. If all players start use that command that game dont have any sense anymore, and its a just cold fact that all who want to be even a lilbit better on videogames use that command. And if we think how many young players that game keeps inside? They dont have High end PC's which run Rust even a near of stable 100FPS, if you google "FPS Boost tutorials" from google you can see that 99% keep that command inside and value is 10-12 which remove totally all trash and forests out of your sight. Basicly if this is allowed i can learn a Rust code a lilbit and i can edit my configs how i want even that improve my shooting/viewdistance(trought forest and objectives) and also effect to my recoil? That is just couple lines of code to the server configs or then game code to set that to default value to all, please fix it and dont be silly.
Guy you dont get it or? How should a server force to set the game to a dxlevel, when a guy only have DX9 u cant force him to use dx11. god damn
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