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I've racked up over 2000 hours on rust and have loved playing the game, I got addicted to it and played constantly. Of course with playing so much you would pick up some skill along the way. I was good pvper not as much as the builder, or really farmer. About 246 days ago I was banned on rust for what I would think is cheating. I've never cheated on rust and just want to know if there is a a way to fix this problem I'm having. Every time I buy an account I get banned after 30+ minutes or so, and I would really like to play rust with my friends again and go back to the days where I would counter-raid, grind, stay up all night so I didn't get off-lined, stuff like that. Most of my bans would be from a game developer as I think 2 or 1 of them was from easy-anti cheat. I don't know if I was ip banned or hardware id banned but all I know is I keep getting banned for no reason, atleast it's no reason for me since I never cheated but how could you believe me. Anyway I just want to know if it's possible to see if it's an ip ban or hardware ban and why, Thank you. My main that I played rust on: Steam Quick side note, I played against multiple cheaters on us east 2 (main server) and none of them got banned yet I was that got banned? Pretty dumb to me, but I just want an answer that's it.
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