• Update and Wipe when?
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Where is a place I can look up to see when the next force wipe is about to happen. Every time Im playing Rust again, its a fucking deep search through the web to gather small pieces of information to get something I can work with.
there's no set time on when wipes happen; only that it will happen on the first Thursday of every month.
First thursdays I know, any time where it usually happens?
it could be anytime this afternoon (eastern time). it's up to the devs to decide.
Usually it's in the evening since the devs work late on update days. So it'll probably be in a few hours.
All Servers Wipe the first Thursday of the month! A general time for wipe to occur is between 3pm and 5pm EST! It all depends on Facepunch!  Thursday, December 6th - Only Map/Backpacks *Subject to change based on Facepunch's decisions....any changes will be announced!* BPs will wipe whenever Facepunch wants to! We like to go by their schedule to give you guys the fullest experience possible!
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