• N1LA/Duo/Trio/NO BPs/+Resources/Low Upkeep/Equestrian
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"N1LA / Devils Island is a plugin that incentivizes an objective rather than just survival.",               "The objectives of the player is to become the Ruler of the server.",               "As the ruler, the player forces their "subjects" to acknowledge them through a tax.",               "Taxes are paid to the ruler on anything a player or quarry gathers.",               "When another player kills the ruler, they become the new ruler. All benefits of the ruler are transferred effective immediately.",               "Some players may find it difficult to pay taxes, or just want to openly proclaim their opposition to the ruler.",               "These players can become outlaws. As an outlaw, the player stops paying taxes,",               "but becomes a public enemy to the ruler. The ruler can bribe powerful agents such as scientists, assassins and helicopters to punish the outlaws.",               "All in all, the goal of every player should be to become the ruler through whatever means necessary." Just WIPED 12/6 QOL plugins N1LA has increased Resources, over 14k ore nodes, 15k barrels. No blueprints to learn, get into raiding faster. Placable old school Quarries, Air Drops are worth fighting for!! Import Pictures to signs, Ride horses with your Clan, Next Wipe 3rd January Playrust link here Rust
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