• Can we all take a moment to thank the Facepunch team for 2018?
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Lets be honest, despite its flaws that everyone seems to come in here to complain about, Rust is an amazing game that we have all spent way too many hours on and consequently enjoyed alot and made lots of new friends (and enemies) I want to thank the most dedicated game development team, Facepunch, for an amazing year and new changes / additions to the game. I would list some of the amazing additions but I don't know where to start, Thanks everyone ! I am looking forward to whats coming in 2019 and I am sure everyone else is too! <3
Yeah good work @Hezzy on not breaking Canada 1 again after the windmill incident.
well luckily windmills are a thing now, he cant break anything else
Dumb rustkids don't know how god they got it back in my day if you wanted your game patched you had to go on the internet and look for it yourself!!!
Thanks Everyone for an awesome Year! You guys do an amazing job with this game and every update it gets better and better. Keep up the great work! Here is to 2019!!!
Thank you very much!
They worked hard, I agree with you, But the only problem is they need to optimize the game, If the game was optimized, No one would complain about it
I love Rust, thank you Facepunch for this awesome game!
Thank's Rust dev's, been playing since legacy. Truly made some great, life long friends in this game!
Thank you Facepunch for Rust! It's underrated gold 💛
Yes This is True
Big thanks to the Facepunch team! I'm a new customer, having only started playing since Christmas, but I'm already 100% sold, what a great and challenging game! Thanks to the devs for making this game better and better with each and every update. Cheers! Hobbes
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