• End Game - what is should looks like
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Hi Straight to the point, i miss good server ending, so what it should look like ? Well for me it should be "apocalypse" it means when server admin decide to end server he turn on apocalypse mode what causing: Nuke explosions in far on all [4] directions and loud boom sound Radioactive/Acid rain Meteor shower on whole map Water levels rise Evacuation [optional] by Chinook from scientist compound, Hercules from Airfield, Ship from port. It will transit player and all his items [except weapons] and BP to another Map All this evenst should take some time for example if admin decide that this mode will last for 12h then phase 1 take 0s, phase 2: will start after 1h etc What you think about it ?
I think you should post this stuff in the Rust section
lol sorry
It is now, you posted it in General
you r fast, thanks
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