• AHK will it get me banned
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So last night i was sorting my larger furnace in rust using the forms perfict ratio so i can leave it and come back but then i reliezed i could make a macro that does it form me if i make this in auto hotkeys will i get banned becuase i have seen a lot of people saying they got banned for using AHK and i would asume that it was for recoil scripts witch is not what im after i just whant something to make faster to sort my larger furnces since i see that as not really a huge advatage over everyone so if any one got a clue or use a AHK for inventory sorting plz let me know im really intrested sorry for spelling mistakes im not the greates speller in the world
unless you're doing explicit anti-recoil, AHK is a legitimate and perfectly normal program. I use it for a timestamp hotkey and other shit
My friend said he got banned for having a macro for "noclip" doubt it as he cheats a lot but just saying what he told me and i have gotten a lot of people banned for using macros and know a lot of people who been ban for it. So long story short even tho you might not get banned for using AHK i wouldn't risk it just to spit stuff for your furnace and if your really that lazy just get a slave ;)
lol slave it is
just having ahk on your computer is probably fine, using it explicitly in game might get you banned though, as ahk is commonly used for recoil scripting and EAC might not differentiate sorting itemstacks from that
EAC can and may ban you for any macro use, using a macro to automate gameplay is cheating because you're doing something a player normally can't do. Do it at your own risk, even if all you're doing is automated inventory management. Macroing to play the game while idle isn't "playing" the game..
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