• Was unaware of new rules after a big break.
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So it has been well over a year now since my game ban. My ban was due to scripts, I had a big break from Rust and upon returning there was a new ToS applied that I was not aware of. It made using scripts a bannable offense. Prior I was using scripts for a couple wipes and finding it was not bannable. After coming back from a huge break from Rust, I opened up my scripts and was instantly banned on my account. I can no longer play on my Main and have put 100's of hours on my alt. It is really annoying having to switch accounts and constantly putting in my Verification code just to play rust with friends. I would really love to see what your view is on this.  Please feel the Christmas joy and sympathise with a fellow lover of Rust who has been playing since Legacy :)
Yikes - I guess Lesson learned? don't script XD
READ THIS concerning EAC bans/VAC bans/Game bans/developer bans/.. Ban appeals, pleas for second chances, etc are not handled here since this is the official community forum. To save you some trouble: you likely will not receive a response because there is a zero tolerance policy due to the amount of cheaters trying to feign innocence AND the fact that you admitted to using scripts. If you attempt to buy Rust again on the same computer the new account will be banned almost immediately due to bans coming with an HWID ban. This has been done due to again numerous cheaters who abused the old second chance policy to go right back to cheating.
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