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Alright, so I've had this game for about a half a year, and I've only played about a quarter of the year because of the AK47, and other weapons recoil. It is not like any other fps game. If you go into a battlefield server and just start fighting with the ak, you'll get demolished, because there is a huge skill gap. So all I am asking is for there to be only a vertical recoil and where it goes like diagonally just slightly going up. Most of the other guns are fine, it's just mostly the ak that has the skill gap. IDK it's my opinion but it's not really fun playing when you just get demolished by godly players. Discourages me, and probably alot of other newer players.
I'll get the memo to Garry
Don't treat life like a game. Shooting at people and being shot at is serious thing. Seek your local authorities.
Oi you need to send suggestions and complaints to the suggestion box: https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/109874/e11bf155-1f67-48c0-896b-059ba7ffb6ed/image.png Also this isn't a rust only forum my dude
Sorry my man
And they have also had practice to learn that god spray. Don't be lazy. Do what they had to do in order to get the god spray.
yeh "god spray" asked more then 10 people for a hand cam all they can say is "I record though" ***Never gets recording***
I got 2000 hrs of game time and still cannot fire full auto with the AK, I think everyone is using Recoil Scripts!
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