• Allow custom sounds and music to the game.
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I looked into custom sounds because I'm bored of the sounds in this game and found that there is no way to customize the sounds or the music in this game. I think facepunch should make it possible to customize every sound and music that is used in game.
You'd have to force everyone who connects to the server to download your custom music and sound effects. Nobody wants to download 200MB of MP3s on top of loading into a server.
Same thing happens in gmod, and they already do it with custom maps so really it wouldn't be particularly difficult to implement nor utilize unless I'm missing something here.
Gmod also dose not have many sounds.
if you're clever enough u can use voice chat with some clever networking hacks to do it ;)
wouldn't want someone to have the sound of a train when I'm walking letting them know way before hand where I was.
I never intended for it to be a custom server sounds... I was talking about client side. So I could change the sound of jack hammer hitting an ore with the sound of a wet fart.
Problem is that as soon as you open up the client to client-side modding, the anticheat can't stop people from tweaking the sounds to give themselves an advantage.
I would like to give examples! Instead of having different graded sounds that identify distance, you can have it all at the same volume, or even changing silenced shots for normal ones. Boats, footsteps and everything else that includes distance fading can be tweaked to give a huge advantage for the modder. I just felt like saying some examples.
ah well... maybe open up some custom sounds in the community market so its an official sound only. I would pay 5$ to turn hitting an ore into the sound of farts.
I actually kind of agree with OP but ultimately Rust have no need to be G-mod 2.0 because they are not the same kind of game.
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