• What are you looking for in Rust server
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Recently I've got back to Rust after quite a long break. Now I'm thinking about hosting cool EU server but to do, so I would like to know what people are looking in it I would appreciate if you will spend 1 minute to fill my survey: Rust server expectation In the followup post I will give you the results Also if there is other cool things that comes to your mind that can be done on Rust server share it in this topic ;)
Personally I like biweekly wipes with a 5 / 6 player limit
Well there is not many duo 2x servers or trio also a 4 man group limit 1x 🍦
I run my own server but I am a Solo player, I enjoy Trios but after a while I feel like its a job! I don't want to escort you on the Boat, or run military tunnels again, or kill the chopper everytime it comes out! I like doing my thing, solo is the best for me. Solo 2-3x resources, a couple tps
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