• Tattoos: a cross wipe progression system
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Idea for a cross wipe progression system: Players who [insert some sort of "win" condition here] get a tattoo piece on their character. Basically, remember Far Cry 3? Every time you level up, get a skill, or complete a challenge in that game a piece of a tatoo appears on your arm. That, but in rust, and it takes multiple multiple wipes on a server to build a full tattoo. Maybe make it full body: dual sleeve, back, and dual leg, maybe belly too. Best part? The tatoo design can be changed with skins, and we could make it so that players can skin corpses to hang highly tatood skins on a wall as a trophy. Tatoo should be highly segmented, and therefore a challenge to build to completion Why is this a good idea for a cross wipe progression system? its purely aesthetic it should takes time and challenge to build it creates a new thing to buy skins for the loot idea creates bragging rights for kills makes a high and low class distinction among the nakeds. Why is this a bad idea Shoot man, i dunno I'm just taking a stab in the dark here is it dumb? yes, but it feels like the right kinda dumb for rust, y'know?
Overall this isn't the type of progress saving people wanted. BUT. NOW WE DO! Seriously though, I'm 100% into this
And where would said Tattoo be located? We all wear burlap, leather and plate gear! I think its silly idea, if anything add Veteran name colors so people know who know how to play from those that do not. White name = Noob Green name = 1000 hrs player Red Name = 2000+ hrs player Blue Name = 3000+ hrs Rust God
Hmm, that's a good point. The tatoos would really only be visable when naked. Some clothing in the game could be modified to be short sleeve so that players could still see arms on occasion, but then again, you're naked an aweful lot of the time in rust. The only real issue, especially now with the underwear update, is finding tatoo locations that both the male and female model share so that players can have their full tatoos showing regardless of what their avatar winds up being. The only issue would be back tatoos what with the female bra strap. not sure if the name idea is the best. a lot of players play with names off and arent white and green used to define party members from randoms?
Optional addendum: A full tatoo acts like a barcode that gets you access to a part of a new radtown if you're naked.
Sorry to necro this post, made an edit to the idea. I keep seeing posts requesting players get to choose their gender and race, or just generally pick their player model. Just wanted to point out this could also potentially solve the issue of players wanting a sense of persistent identity in rust. Players could learn to identify with their ink design over whatever model they wind up with.
I don't think tattoos are a good idea. I doubt much of the rust player base even has tattoos. Maybe a progress system where you earn the ability to reroll your character! Now that's an idea.
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