• Why there is no Official South America Server???
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Hello everyone in Rust community and Facepunch staff, I've came here to ask a simple question that has been bothering me for a while now: with a large fraction of Rust players living in south america, why there is not a single server hosted on and dedicated to the south american Rust community?? Thanks in advance for the answers.
There used to be official South American servers. They were constantly DDOSed by some shithead who'd DDOS the competition so everyone played on his server. Constantly. And the server host could not do anything at all to prevent the DDOS so Facepunch was paying for servers that were completely unusable and pointless, so they pulled them and stopped wasting their money. The South American internet infrastructure is underdeveloped and isn't capable of fighting against modern DDOS attacks. It has a long way to go, and I hope something changes soon.
Hey Elix thank you for answering my question. Sadly it makes a lot of sense, nternet infrastructure here is garbage. Will keep on hoping that one day we can have an official server hosted here that is up to the task.
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