• Holographic SAP - My biggest Market "oof"
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All seemed well and good, but the price just keeps on dropping, seems like it'll take months until it comes back up. I hate how people just start selling everything with a lower price all of a sudden, whoever does it: Stop! Worse than money, you're wasting time, and not just yours. (I'm tilted AF) You could argue that this is just how much the skin is worth, because as a matter of fact, right now it is worth that much, we can't deny it. However it's worth s lot less than normal because of an economy phenomenon no one can stop, the panic people feel they will lose more money, this is why the price has gone so low and sales are just rampant. In the beginning it was selling for 4 euros but it didn't sell much, so instead of lowering the prices a bit, some people decided to sell it at their purchase price, and more after them seeing they could get spent money back, and then the panic started. You can't really predict these things, not with accuracy at least, I sure as hell missed the shot, but for the love of anything stop lowering the price, you're just enticing others to do so, don't be enticed! I promise you'll get your money back and more in a few months to come, you need patience for these things. (This is my lesson to buy god damn "hyped" skins too.) Rant over.
I agree with this so much that I've just become this thread.
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