• How can I maintain the server?
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I want to launch server but idk how to maintain this. Starter packs? Premium event's?
Healthy population goes without say. As to a healthy population: you need to keep people interested in coming, and staying. Even better if they stay after being raided. Vanilla servers only work if you're well known, there's plenty of them already so you'd need a big name for people to come and gawk at. There's also enough x2 or x3 servers BUT with good moderation and administration you can actually get a really good player base, but you'd still need to advertise a lot. Modded servers are cool but mostly die out because either players aren't challenged anymore or because one clan rules over everyone. Indeed, to have a really good server you need something new, exciting, doesn't brake vanilla balance, keeps Rust's fundamentals (Raiding and killing and farming) and obviously excellent overview from the admins and mods. For a roleplayer, I guess having this cool custom map with factions set up could be a start. For a PvP'er, procedurally generated maps with default size for 100 players is the best. Some starter kits to get a starter base up and running, but no help in weaponry. Something I've never seen? A full map sized arena in Rust, indestructible building, but doors and traps are fair game. Give people the command for bows and arrows, change airdrop loot and spawn them randomly around. This is something I wouldn't mind playing. Obviously not a normal Rust experience, a full out Rust PvP experience inside a base or around it.
And how get some $ for maintain?
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Either you use your own money, use donations, premium or VIP kits. Beware, many people leave servers just as soon as they find out that the server has in-game paid advantages like better kits. Either voting or normal advertising should help make your server go big, you should use donations if the player base is big enough. If not I recommend using your own money, people dislike "p2w" servers, much less empty ones.
A lot of people really hate pay to play for items that did not cost the server owner any money
what does not cost the owner?
Servers usually give out like gear set, mats, ect. The owner just spawns it in and gives it to people and makes money. ( most people leave when they find out you can do this.)
I am looking for a solution and this is not the answer that people do not like p2win I know about it
To get the answers you want you have to ask the right questions
I've already told you, donations, advertising and voting is the most player friendly income you'll get. There isn't any other "normal" way to maintain the server without implementing VIP kits or Premium status, which are very counter-productive because only payers will stay on the server, and once the rest are gone, even those premium people will leave. You will need to get VERY creative if you don't like any of the above, as of my knowledge. The thing is, most server owners pay for the server using their own money from their own job OR they're well known youtubers/streamers that have sponsorships or partnerships with server manufacturers and whatnot. In the case that your server is a family server and you trust everyone that joins in, you could just buy a computer and set up a dedicated server online 100% of the time or something free of charge, you'd only need some patience to set it up (Vanilla servers are set up in an hour TOPS).
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