• Packet Flooding: Player Tick
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Does anyone know why this occurs and what I can do as a server-owner to prevent this from happening? All of my players get kicked.
I agree (as a player) as it is a pain when you have a high 80-100 FPS and a low 20 - 50 ping
It occurs when for some reason the server becomes temporarily unresponsive, either due to other processes on the host, the game server itself temporarily hanging, or a short network outage. While the server is unable to respond, the clients keep sending packets, and when the server is again able to process the incoming data, it sees all the queued packets arrive all at once and kicks the players. If you 'own' the physical server and are solely responsible for its internet connection, you could check for reasons why it is becoming unresponsive, eg operating system task prioritization issues.
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