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I'd love to see some form of electric pump so that we could pump out the water and finally have true underwater bases.
This would be cool but also overpowered in a way. For example a 2x2 in the deepest part of the ocean. it would be hard to find and to raid you would need a scuba set. And if I am not mistaken you cant throw c4 or any explosives under water. If you look how the rust island is created the water is at one leven all through the map ( besides some monuments.) It would not be easy to remove a section of water. Besides all of the rants this would be very cool but there should be a disadvantage. Like when you open your door or ladder hatch water would flow inside of your base.
You can throw c4 but not fire rockets
OK Thanks.
true it might be overpowered for a little but before long some one would find a way to deal with them and it woiuld settle down. More importantly I'd be able to build Atlantis :P
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