• Electricity ideas.
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Hi, I was thinking about electricity and currently it's only useful for lights and some trap bases. Would be great if everyone could not use the switches attached to the doors that makes that feature kinda useless imo. Maybe there is a possibility to make it work like this only the people can open it who have door codes or make new switch which requires a code like code lock. And also about the Search Light I think it would be really cool if that item could be used with electricity also. I hardly ever see people use these things actually like never. These are things I think would be really nice to have in rust since it's annoying to close like 20 garage doors every time. Thanks for your time.
You need to 'pair' the door controller with the door when it is unlocked. Raiders cannot open your doors by placing new door controllers I would love to see the search light connecting to electronics
But they can open the doors if they find the switch, which makes it almost useless to use door controllers for non trap doors
Then dont?
But thats a waste of such an potential All it would need is add a code electrical component that would passthrough only if u know the code or sth like that
You could place your own switch and wire it up once you have TC. Just dont use switches to control interior doors
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