• command to spawn Mini Helicopter
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anyone know the command to spawn the new Mini Helicopter????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Quotes a blog post... What a dumb person... If you knew anything more than an infant child you would have agreed that the helicopter has a bug that causes it to shake and glitch out for a couple of seconds... so sad...
Gee, it's almost like the vehicles in Arma are professionally-designed military aircraft and almost everything in Rust is cobbled together from the remnants of civilization on the hellish lawless island you wake up on. And it's almost like Arma and Rust are entirely different games with entirely different goals and entirely different groups of balance decisions. It's almost like trying to compare the two as if they should be identical makes you look foolish.
He's right that the minicopter has an issue with lagging while flying sometimes. It's not about that it's designed to be fragile. It's a bug, that makes it more dangerous than it should be. Advanced controls are good, you have to earn some skill to master them. But you can't master lag. It happend to me a lot of times that I crashed just because I lagged 2 meters forward, crushing into the wall. But I bet devs are going to fix this until next update.
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