• Player Sensor Bug
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i tried to build a base there is 2 entrances to the base and i put 4 Player Sensor 2 from the front entrance and 2 from the back entrance different frequency signal of course now for the bug... when i do Exclude building authorized so it wont beep when it sees me from the front entrance it suddnly forgeting it from the other entrance and it beeps there when it sees me and its like a circle... when i change the 2 other sensors to Exclude building authorized the 2 other sensor sudennly again beeps in my pager when i clearly made them not to beep when it sees me WTFFF !!?!!? please Facepunch FIX IT
its something weird ... when i step away far from the sensor its just reseting itself and dont remember my selection that i did Exclude authorized its so bugged... is anyone else encounter it ?
I have this exact problem too.
all of you that see this post if you are ingame please use F7 to report it so we can spam this issue to the devs to fix it fast please
Maurino Berry  11.02.2019 23:28   main/32009   HBHF now properly remembers settings
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