• RF Pager Crafting Issue
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After researching the RF Pager I crafted two. However the items did not spawn with the capability to change the frequency. I was only given the option to drop them. See attached screenshot. I have attempted to put it away in a box and to relog with it. Neither has worked. Does anyone have a workaround or is this something the development team will have to fix. Cheers. https://imgur.com/a/WsquWmw Image shows only an option to drop the pager. No option to set to silent or change frequency. (This pager was crafted).
You're not alone. I'm having the same issue for my team. I''ve also found that a root combiner will not work to send multiple sensors to a single broadcaster.
Same here.. Cant do anything with the Pager. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/334062/1098d5d6-8064-4a1a-8145-d93d4cf1d614/Skjermbilde.PNG
Try using a root combiner or splitter box fam. Input from the sensors and output to the broadcaster.
I've noticed that looted pagers work as intended. Crafted ones do not. I've also noticed a big where my teammate is detected by the sensor but I'm not (when set to exclude authorized). When the bugs are worked out, these will be awesome.
Isn't staging branch supposed to work for finding these bugs? How did it get into the release after whole month
what you need to do is build a circuit to amplify the signal. Use an AND gate with a constant power source in one input and the sensor output to the other input. This will boost the signal up to go to multiple things.
I drew this up from my circuit in the above photo. If you have any questions let me know. It has the hbfb sensors controlling door controllers, alarms, and a rf broadcaster. The garage doors open when the hbfb sensor picks up a person and sends out a signal to pagers if you are away from your base, plus an audible alarm for when you are inside. Hope it helps. If you have any questions let me know, i can connect to your server and explain it. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/418951/0b2adc2c-8b07-4554-9fab-963bef56ae2d/20190211_060929.jpg
Cuko, not much help in the schematic when the pager do not work... Apart from that. Looks great.
Yeah i know, im waiting for it to get fixed. Until then its farming pagers time
Root combiners only work directly after a power source
Hi all, False !, the first consumer electric version (2 or 3 months) worked perfectly where the root combiners could connect anywhere in the network if we understand that 1w is still a power source. I also add that personally the description informs about it, batteries are also sources of power. 2 bugs with them elsewhere where in series, you do not get double the power (small or large battery), and in parallel the roots combiners can not connect to it without continuing to unload and we know that it can not connect after a blocker for now as example. I do not count other bug reports already made either for other modules such as timer that triggers more than once while current continues to cross (toggle) while initially as I said all worked perfectly including solar panel, was too good to be true eventually. BR
Same, non functioning for me
@facepunch you gave us this tool, you made us familiar with it, you told us stories about how great electricity will be, yet when we craft it it's 100% a DUD. The bug is still there, pagers are crafterd at 0Mhz and don't have the option to set/change freq. If you're not going to fix it, maybe at least increase the drop rate of "wild pagers".
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