• SAM Sites and the new Helicopter
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Not sure if it's intended but I just found out from personal experience that having a SAM site on top of my base, and then attempting to fly off from the top will cause the SAM site to lock on and fire, killing me. It doesn't function like an auto turret. Funny thing was when driving around on top of the base in the heli by pressing crouch, it didn't shoot me.
SAM sites will shoot any Hot Air Balloons or minicopters that go above it. SAM sites will only shoot if the target is above them
I thought about an solution: Use HBHF sensors with include authorized and exclude others Put the sam sites on roof behind doors Connect HBHF to the doors, so they close automaticly if you get nearby ( I am not sure if the distance will be enough for it to work, that needs to be tested out) Connect Safe Switch inside the base to the doors, so you can open the SAM site doors if youre not flying anywhere In step 2, you could use RF transmitter as well, but that would require a teammate since I think u can't use it while driving the Minicopter
HBHF sensors forget there settings.
Its a recent bug they are addressing I really dont think you can fit a SAM turret behind a door very easily and even if you can it will struggle locking on and shooting its target
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