• RF Broadcaster issue
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I have 6 large rechargeable batteries that keep being fully charging during the day & hardly making a dent through the night. This despite them being hooked up to 30 lights during the night. But when I hooked up a RF Broadcaster, within 2 days, all 6 batteries we're dead. I tested this on my own test server in admin mode as I run a few servers myself. And the Broadcaster just eats electricity like I'm powering google servers!
my theory is that it might eat as much as you give it, you can try branching off the supply of power and give it like 10 units of power or such.
What are you using to power these batteries? What is directly after the batteries?
I have 12 solar panels & 3 windmills, set to charge 8 large batteries. I waited until all 8 batteries we're fully charged. Hooked up the broadcaster & yes, I used an electrical branch to limit the power it takes. But after 2 days, all my batteries we're dead. And there's no interference from players, as I was testing it out on a test server I left running to local connections only. It seems to eat the electricity like it's powering google servers.
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