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Hello Facepunch! I'm a long-time server admin, cyber security expert, and developer, and I'd like to get more information on what is needed to start an official server in my region. There are very few servers available to this region, and the ones that are, are ran below the standards set in North America (which I'm from.) I would like to explore setting up some quality servers in this region. If someone could please reach out to me (or point me in the right direction), I'd greatly appreciate it.
Are you asking from the standpoint of a server hoster and looking to offer your services, or are you asking from the standpoint of a player/server admin? Because if you're a server business looking to offer a hosting bid or whatever, I'd contact Facepunch Studios via their website's publicly-available contact information. If you are instead looking to administrate a Rust server in the "official" designation/serverlist, then you should know that servers in the official list that are not directly operated by the devs themselves are community servers that have proven themselves reliable and worthy of such a visible promoted position. They have earned their place on the official list. Therefore, if you want to start an 'official' server in your region, then you should set about running a well-ordered and well-administered community server. With hard work and dedication your server may rise to a level of prominence where the devs see awarding you a position on the official servers list is a worthwhile use of their time and trust. The cream has to rise to the top before it's skimmed off. Please note, I am not a Facepunch dev or mod.
Thanks for the information. I'm highly considering starting a business hosting some Rust servers in the SEA region, because the current available options are pretty bad and unreliable. I love this game, and have been doing hosting / Linux administration for almost 20 years. One of my gigs is running a multi-national ecommerce solution that handles very high traffic. So I want to offer something better... I'll see if I can find the appropriate person to get in contact with at Facepunch. I didn't see anything that exclusively talked about this sort of thing, so wasn't sure the best contact.
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