• Graphics comepletely desroyed, Texures issues
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Since the oil rig update ( probably the new texture streaming my rust looks like this ) https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/298222/3f3b3cc4-9c27-41a4-925c-1baff0f66565/rust_bug_1.jpg https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/298222/e5d80edf-d571-449b-b513-5eb0d25e0838/rust_bug_2.jpg
What are your specs and have you tried verifying files
I don't see what's wrong.
Files are all fine. Drivers are up to date. System: Debian Stretch, GTX1060 If you need anymore info hit me up.
Please tell me you aren't launching Rust with a -force-opengl launch argument. The Linux build switched over to Vulkan so some issues can be expected but right off the bat make sure you are not trying to force it into OpenGL rendering.
I don't use any special command line arguments to start the game.
I am having the same issue. Menus are all pink with default textures. Lots of error messages, such as "desired shader compiler platform 15 is not available in shader blob", "Trying to add Text for graphic rebuild while we are already inside a graphic rebuild loop. This is not supported" on the main menu after booting up the game. When joining a server, sometimes the game crashes and sometimes I get similar buggy looking graphics. Ubuntu 18.04, GTX 960, have tried NVIDIA drivers 418.42.02 and 418.43, no difference while using either one. No launch flags. I made a post about this on the playrust subreddit page and see other people having similar issues there.
That top one is a "Moiré pattern" , it can occur when a monitor/display is being over driven by the display chip at a mismatched resolution Sometimes when there is an incorrect scaling selected, It's not something to do for an extended time , it can damage the display electronics., as the "sync" fights to stay locked.... ESP.. if the lines are moving /waving whilst the scene is steady. (any strange sounds from the monitor?) The second one whilst clearly not correct... is unlikely to damage anything... i'd personally be looking at the "opengl" screwing something up. Just to be clear the linux GUI is generally a mess, there are all sorts of "things" storing private settings", that try to force their opinion on the system, when they all agree it's not a problem but if they get out of sync.. .. I'd pop over to "/var/log/" maybe: "cat messages" or "tail messages" to see if there are any strange things also dig about in the X11 logfiles. And of course you ran "apt-get update" recently right ?
It only looks like a Moire pattern because I took the photo with my phone since I was on a hurry. I'll pop on the debug menu in Rust and leave a log. X11 and OpenGL have nothing to with it since Rust switched to Vulkan and X11 ist just the windowing system.
So the short of it is: the latest update to the Linux client enabled Vulkan by default, but was improperly built (it seems) and just didn't work. There seems to have been a hotfix to revert the Linux client to OpenGL shortly afterwards, but this was also broken and resulted in a 'client update needed' message on server connect (although you appear to be running Vulkan, another hotfix?.. ah no, you're on staging). Some people have reported an email response to their bug report stating devs are working on it, but I've seen no official confirmation. There are rumors that threads about this issue are being deleted on these forums. Some sort of official confirmation would be really nice... Steam community thread: doesn't start after last update
I don't believe that they are deleting threads about issues since what would be hella childish in this kind of professional field. I am a game developer myself so I couldn't really understand that.
Yeah, I doubt they've deleted threads either, but rumors spread fast in the vacuum of official communication. I understand that Linux users make up such a small share of the player base that hiring a full time developer just wouldn't make sense - Facepunch are a business after all - but it would be nice if Linux builds had at least rudimentary testing so that breaking changes are not pushed to stable release when they've already been identified in Staging! I've got to say my personal experience of Vulkan rendering has been quite good. This is largely via DXVK rather than native Vulkan apps, but with fresh drivers and a vaguely modern GPU (my AMD R9 390) I've seen big performance increases compared to OpenGL as my system tends to be CPU bottlenecked where games are concerned.
From the commit page: Monday, 11 March 2019 André Straubmeier  18:00 [UTC] main/32984   Fixed Linux release build getting written to debug folder (classic andre) Looks like we just have to wait for a new build to be pushed now Such a simple error too, we're all human haha
IF anything, FP's moderators are moving threads about technical issues into the Help subforum under the Rust forum. Thread moves and thread deletions are visible in the event log, which is linked in the drop-down at the top of every page of this forum. Rumours are often created by people who have no understanding of what they're looking at or talking about.
Thanks for linking the event log, that may prove useful. I don't put much store by rumors, but when the dev team is silent...
I don't know about any other studio, but when the dev team is silent at FP it's because they're, uh... busy fixing the shit that's broken instead of spending hours replying to threads on Reddit, Facepunch, Twitter, who knows elsewhere, saying "yes we're working on the stuff that's broken and you're mad about". I'm not arguing against even a simple two-line update to the official blog or something, sure, but historically the Rust devs have worked hard to fix up issues when they've come up and been awful, so I don't get where the assumptions that they're slacking off or ignoring the problems come from except impatience. I'm not asking you to defend the bad assumptions and rumour-mongering, I'm just voicing my opinion about the Rust community in general.
Oh, I don't think they're slacking off or anything, it just sucks to be in the dark. For example, when the last update released and broke connecting to servers for the Linux client, Alistair just popped a quick "we're working on it" in a single thread, which was great. I don't want them to waste their time saying "we're on it!" all across the internet, just a little message that the onus is on me to find through official channels.
Well so far the bugs still remain.
It is rare for facepunch to delete threads... Besides you can check that FUD out by looking in the facepunch logs , which clearly show which postes are deleted....... glad that "pattern" was casued by your phone. the other messages are harmless.... i get a ton of them... basically just stating that the GPU is missing the functionality.. so software takes over.. "WARNING: Shader Unsupported: 'Standard' - Pass 'META' has no vertex shader WARNING: Shader Unsupported: 'Standard' - Pass 'META' has no vertex shader " give them a bit of time.........., let's face it they made some "stacked" changes....... oil rig, Metal & no openCL on linux... it was perhaps a little over enthusiastic......
@WaterVapor No one is deleting your threads. There is no reason for anyone to delete them. The devs barely ever even go on the forums for a start and no forum moderator would want to 'cover anything up'. I am the only moderator that has anything to do with Rust as I am the only one that plays it. Am I deleting threads? No. I have no idea what 'rumours' you are on about but I have heard absolutely nothing. Devs are not going to scream down your ear every piece of code they write but from the previously stated commit that came out the other day it is very very clear that they are doing something about it. Just be patient
You are absolutely right. I mean working with 3 different operating systems and then all the linux distros is a big pain in the butt. No worries Facepunch should take as much time as they need since Linux isn't priority for them.
as far as I can see, it switched over to ascii. It's not as good as nethack, but the terminal output doesn't seem that bad.
The issue is not so much Linux, but that Linux has the same issues as winblows... and that is , there is no standard hardware. (no I am not evangelical-ling Apple) Once you add in "Certain" online retailers the number of assemblies becomes fairly close to infinite..... then some poor sod has to write code to pull up an OS in that and add a game on top. It is really quite remarkable that any of this tec works at all... Add into that mix ... "overclockers", students of "Dunning–Kruger et. al." & it is no longer a labour of love but of keeping the lights on. It might be beneficial for them to tighten up on the specs for linux, do like other software suppliers do. Ubuntu /Centos...yes it "might" run on whatever 'hell-spawn' kernel you just compiled but we test only on those versions at "xyz" revision. Generally I spin up test servers on K8S on CENTOS.. then with a single command i can pull back any map in a matter of minutes... " sudo docker restart  4000_13833_201903071259" is WAY more managable for backups & controllable environments.......... and since its a container , I don't have issues with checking for corruption when something breaks, just roll out a base container & re-run tests under identical conditions. It makes fault finding more manageable when you don't have to think...... "is some system file corrupt?", "is it the same as my last setup", "is it a virus", "has the last YUM/APT update changed a package"... "has Win10 update done something"
I have the exact same console errors launching from a mac client.... Why switch GPU api's.... so silly and gamebreaking for no reason....
The devs explicitly explained why. Linux and Mac were using a rather old version of OpenGL that didn't support many of the optimizations we were using on Windows and would regularly break shaders. In order to make future development easier for us and give the two people playing on those platforms a slightly better experience we decided to move Linux to Vulkan and Mac to Metal. This means that if you're on Linux you should install the absolute latest graphics drivers you can get your hands on and ensure that you are no longer adding the "-force-opengl" startup parameter since that will break the game. You can also give Vulkan a try on Windows with the "-force-vulkan" startup parameter, but on most graphics drivers there are still some issues so we generally recommend staying on DirectX for now. It's not for "no reason". This is not a case if "if it ain't broke don't fix it", this is a case of "shit was unfixably broken and the replacement didn't work perfectly on the first try".
Well I even update to the latest drivers 418.43. Still no success. I will post a link to my discord so other people can learn there what to do to make it work again as soon as I fixed it.
Try WINE then. And why make people join your Discord? This is a public forum.
this is false. I don't care or know about mac, but linux supports the _latest_ openGL version, which is 4.6. The only old version officially supported on a platform is under windows and it's the opengl1.1. ...and there are more complex games using opengl, with a rendering engine built from scratch, without any problems. I am not here to give advice on APIs, libraries and interfaces or steer someone's project to the right way, but I expect from people to avoid posting false information and excuses. there's dxvk and there's also a library from valve used on older dx games to be supported on linux with an opengl wrapper. Rust is supposed to be using a canned solution, a ready-to-deploy rendering engine with the appropriate abstractions, so either the problem is on unity's side and their innability to run on linux, or facepunch's side and their broken dev cycle which fixes one thing and breaks ten. what happens when the anti-cheat system bans him for suspicious activity, when running under wine. Are you going to unban him, or ban him here too when makes a thread to complain about a false-positive ban? People, don't listen to clueless windows users. Wine doesn't have the same behavior as windows has, which might get you into trouble. windows is not an option, first and foremost, for just a game that may or may not run even under windows(has anyone bothered reading the steam windows complaints? ) and also we are not the 12yo from windows to be treated with the worst possible way. the solutions to rust's problems so far consist of: buy new card, since the patch introduces new frame drops move the installation to a ssd, since every asset is preloaded upfront, instead of dynamically change to windows, when your supported platform gets a broken release, even though the devs know it.
Now tell me what Unity for Linux supports, not what the OS supports, unless your solution is for the Rust devs to hack OpenGL 4.6 support into Unity, in which case this isn't even a discussion, it's stand-up comedy. Physician, heal thyself. Holmzy is the one who mentioned WINE, so congratulations, you just called a Rust dev a "clueless Windows user". Address your questions to an actual developer of the game, because, news flash, I'm just a forum user, so the answer to all of your questions involving the word "ban" is I have no involvement in banning anyone for cheating or forum rules violations. I'm unable to ban your lippy ass even if I wanted to.
anyone who suggests users to use wine with legitimate steam game copies is clueless. wine DOESN'T behave as if the game is on windows. you'd better ban the dude who suggests people how to trigger a perma-ban false positives. I am not lippy, I am trying to protect your customers from your incompetence.
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