• Appeal to the developers and the entire community RUST.
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Hello, developers and players of this site!, I want to offer you one idea that will help people like me. In general, everything started on March 8, 19, a global update came out that affected many errors and reduced FPS in the game. I’ll tell you my problem I went to my favorite game RUST and was shocked by my FPS, before the update it was 60 frames and was 2 times less than 18 frames, yes I know that it is potato but I still played it and also want to play with my 60 FPS .We approached my idea, it is that adminis The project tration could disable or enable "waves" on the server, it will help me and the same people to play quietly and without lags. Please read this and do not delete it as you did with the previous message. We believe in you and love you.
This has been posted many times. Post in one of those threads instead of making another.
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