• Where is solution for current problem ?
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Can we expect some bug fixes that are currently making Rust unplayable for many players ? Or just we have to wait for another update next month ?
I don't see what problem(s) and bugs that you refer too, can you please elaborate?
Just check comments... Rust (low fps, freezing, stuttering, crashing game) for me currently unplayable. My sound is freezing, game is laging with good PC spec
Be more descriptive with your threads next time
ok, here's a descriptive problem. The staging update is still broken, most assets don't work, now the sound has problems too. It's been 3 - 4 days now? We can't play on the main branch. On top of that, Linux got removed as the supporting platform. We bought the game because it was sold as a Linux native. What's up with that problem? Will anyone from facepunch inform us why our product is not only broken, but the platform is phased away? Why would facepunch release an update that has been marked in staging as NOT_WORKING? Why doesn't facepunch tell us what's the plan with this situation? You want us to be beta tester and pay the game. we do it. You want us to be beta testers of your next updates, we do it. You want us to file bug reports, we do it. Now you ask for better description... as if several pages of threads on steam and tens of threads here don't describe it already.
They are working on it.
@Sosig.exe if you want, you can check my last thread when i said very good info about all problems what i have actually but okey, its probably hard to see it 2 topics down so there is link "Big problem with game". no one reply to my thread, i dont have any info if someone is working on fix, i dont know if there is a problem with my PC or with game but when i check update blog on steam, i am pretty sure its problem with game sometimes is better just listen what players really want before you going to make new content because i can see 2 months players crying about bad performace, asking for optimization and STOP add new staff
I for one hope they do add new staff.
He definitely meant new 'stuff'
first off, this adds nothing to the discussion, or any other discussions where you posted the exact same thing secondly, from the commit page and the changes in the last 2 days, there's no fix on the problem. we only see some regular bug fixes on the game and nothing related to linux, apart from the "Fixed Linux release build getting written to debug folder (classic andre)" from monday. and last but not least we haven't got any official statement from facepunch when they plan to fix it, which is why people come over and over again and create the same threads about the same problem and then you are telling them that they don't have to report the problem since there are already other threads about the exact same problem, or if they will eventually fix it. every thread I read and there's a comment of you in it, it goes like this: OP: I have rust problems on linux YOU: post more info OP: <more info> YOU: they are working on it
What do you really want him to tell you? I mean, if he says they are working on it do you wish him to be specific and exact? What if he isn't allowed to say anything (which I doubt but..) I mean I truly don't know what you expect here
Sorry I do not code Rust or have a direct line of communication between the devs. But I do know that they are aware and they are working on it. Andre saw all bug reports on the rust reddit and said he was working on it. Trust me, I do actually know what is going on
a proper response would be a sticky on this forum and on steam forum(that's official too, but we saw nobody there the whole time) called "Linux Problems after Oil-something Update" with bold neon letters. The body should consist of "don't spam threads about reporting this problem. We are aware of it. We are trying to fix it. We estimate it would take a day, a week, a month. Please be patient, try to use Windows". We spent the entire weekend here and on steam forums wondering if there was even an ACK from your side about the problem. This improper handling of this situation only get your users/customers frustrated, they vent here which eventually might get them banned. I you want to alienate your user base, that's the right way to do it. I worked with other companies too.
I would do that however I do not even have the information myself. I would simply being stickying a thread that says "They are working on the problem", what will that achieve? Not much really. And in terms of timings I cannot answer that one either because I do not make Rust, nor do any of the other forum moderators. Forum moderators are volunteers.
Great. Now that we cleared out that properly informing your userbase that the devs are aware of their users' problem offers not much, there's nothing more to discuss here, or in any other thread for that matter. Let's everybody go back to pasting error logs in new threads and rating each others' posts with memes. That's the right way of handling it.
Dont endorse the posting of the same thread. I have no influence over the devs. End of
@Sosig.exe If you're not a developer, why do you answer players on their behalf? I want to know when this problem will be fixed ... Nothing else interests me ... This game is currently playing over 40.000 players and we dont have any info about this problem, no solution and no one now if they are working on it. As i said first time, you are not developer, i will not accept your answer "They are working on it" because you dont know if they are really going for fix. So, stop giving fake info without point in my threads. Thanks (And yes, i dont care who are you)
LOL What a snot nose little self entitled brat you are. gtfo
@Rush someone who is playing currently over 6.000 hours and every month accepting mistakes by FP. Tell me more
They are fixing it and it will be fixed when it gets fixed stop asking the same question whilst expecting a new answer
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