• Any news what this micro update was?
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Cant see anything on the site or steam. But Rust received an update?
Probably nothing just another joke. As i can se, for me still unplayable
Well since the oil rig update. My servers CPU usage keeps spiking. The tech team on their side, are in the process of switching me onto a different drive, to see if that helps. But from what I've heard on various servers/forums & so forth. That this update may have improved performance for some people on the client side, but decreased performance on the server side. I cant get why a game like this, uses so much resources. I mean, I've played EVE Online full specs, whilst streaming & video encoding at the same time & I still never touched the levels this game requires.
Improved performance on client side ? Bad joke my friend.... For me its instantly using 7-8GB ram (empty/full server) and 1500-2300MB GPU. If someone think thats normal he must be idiot I never seen something like that
I was playing after the update and i was getting lag spikes but when I did the mini update my frames went up. Also I have a Rtx 2070 16 Gb of Ram I7 7700k cpu at max setting and it only uses about 8 GB of ram without any thing else open.
You Windows users should think yourselves lucky you can play at all. Spare a thought for us Linux users, Rust is totally borked for us since the update
Yup I tried today after the small update and I can't even get the game to boot anymore on linux. I tried vulkan and opengl. Last week I could at least get it to boot but I couldn't get in a game. Sucks because before the oil rig update it was running flawless on linux with pretty good performance too.
Can confirm, before the micro-update everything was borked: missing textures, unable to connect to servers, etc. I believe the update remedied a good bit, because now I can launch and connect, but get crazy artifacting with the error: Compute shader (Internal-Skinning): Property (g_SourceSkin) at kernel index (11) is not set -force-opengl is useless, the game crashes right away. Specs (in case a dev sees this): Arch Linux x64 AMD RX 480 Relevant Packages: xf86-video-amdgpu vulkan-icd-loader vulkan-radeon AMD Ryzen 5 2600
This freaking update is freezing my server and kicking all my players
Because EVE is a completely different type of game.... no way is it anywhere as detailed as RUST for optical background & effects... and I believe it has also ground to a complete halt when running some of the massive battle scenarios.. so much so they had to spin out masive increases in servers. incedentally......... EVE uses professionally managed server farms, many of the RUST servers.. who knows what they are.. could be some 10 year old One main issue I see with a lot of these "complainers", is they lack any sort of analytical breakdown.... So how the hell anyone is supposed to extract a usable analysis to assist such bug hunting or error correction, it's like phoning IT support.... "my computer does not work" There should be a minimum set of requirements so that it can be dealt with logically..... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kHWF50pXkEw
I think the point I was trying to make, has flown right over your patronising head. So i'll dumb it down for you. I can play Eve online, full specs. Whilst streaming live on youtube. And minimised, was a queue of video I was rendering, interlacing with audio overlay & still didn't require the resources this game does. And if you fail to grasp what video rendering & interlacing with audio require in terms of resources. Then you're really in no place to comment. Because only attention seekers post images to try & mock & detract from the topic at hand. Something say, what a child would do!
My server has been crashing every few hours after the mini update, but the moment I post a thread asking for help regarding this issue, I get forum banned for 24 hours.
Please feel free to express your "freedom of speech", there is nothing you can say that has the slightest impact on my world view, because you don't appear to deal with FACTS. Look..... I will GLADLY go out of my way to try and help anyone.... BUT.... (here it comes) To run any sort of SANE analysis you need details, simply saying brand X is worse than brand "Unknown" is a waste of time. Just because you have seen a cycling bear on a type rope without a net does not mean all bears can do it, a brown bear is not a polar bear The video was a light hearted look at a NON FACTUAL character and his world beliefs that don't have any substantial groundings in REAL ANALYZABLE FACTS. For every negative post you make about frame rate, I have VERIFIABLE screen caps of before & after OPENGL-> metal.. BUT.....I know that is my system is certainly not representative of many other users, it is just my example of the other side of the coin. and to me it is a FACT... but NOT a FACT that states everyone has the same increase. Now perhaps you would like to re-wind your post and actually produce something with a little thought, perhaps some actual facts...and maybe an amusing anecdote. You remind me a lot of the Chap who asked for help (it's broke and wont start), I spun up a server for him to do a test connection who then went off line, came back 2 days later and demanded to know where the F** I had been. & why i had not sorted out HIS problem...
I've already had communication with James. I care not to share those discussions with you. No matter how sarcastic you wish to be about it. And I'm somewhat put off sharing any sort of proof on this forum. Considering the number of people who have complained about being wrongfully banned from the game. And shared a video of them playing the game, right up until the ban, which proved the ban was wrong & caused by false positive's in the game. For example, getting stuck on the roof of a base your raiding in the heli & trying to wiggle free, gets you flyhack banned. Spanning a gap in the wall with 2 ladders & has you cross, gets you flyhack banned. So I do apologise for my bluntness. But this forum isn't welcoming of proof of late. One last thing. Me criticising you're comment merits a ban. But posting a video of something I do believe you do not own the rights to on a forum that has nothing to do with the video is perfectly OK is it? So we should all communicate with cryptic video's of movies or TV shows should we?
Wow name dropping a rock band ? and A DMCA takedown... man......... you take this FAR too seriously, pls study "fair use" instead of trying to silence members.. I'd post one more video, but I worry you might not survive........another "black adder" & it might get me a ban.... As for not supplying "proof", sorry that's a weak excuse. I have found facepunch VERY accommodating for : fixing well documented bugs. (no that does not mean, within the hour you report them) doing the best they can with the multitude of crappy user hardware and difficult user-base of "DEMAND it NOW users" forum Banning me , when I push the envelope....... (rat mazeing ) Here let me get the ball rolling.... FLY HACKS: Oh... and a "flayhack" IS NOT A BAN... it is a KICK..... I kick off so many "flyhacks" it just ain't funny. I can also kick off the "antihack" & red symbol by coming up under the back of a boat whilst drowning or i can "SPAM" antihack messages, by getting stuck in "rock tunnels. D18 4000, 13833 is a gap between rockfaces & terrain where things can fall down between the map layers. But I don't spend my life whining about them... or doing the ones I know can be duplicated. RUST is a highly complex 3 dimensional space filled with non-smooth model skins, moving any entity thru that is going to have some issues.... even resource laden google have issues.(see self driving cars.....) sleeping on a ladder (they say this will be sorted out with new physics, they know about "air sleeping") https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/338038/078cc326-f4c9-4511-a2e2-ef9275a50465/20181124110848_1.jpg on a 3 story tower between the 2nd & 3rd ladder https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/338038/5dde6c5a-3c35-40d7-b136-78bb566d129e/20181124110850_1.jpg Equals https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/338038/67ae25db-d3ac-47e8-b597-420ee08ca45c/20181124110957_1.jpg
I never said that flyhack was an automatic ban. I simply said that some servers ban you for repeated fly hacking, even though its a bug with the false positive.
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