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Hey so i think rust should get their shit together. So yesterday i decided to redownlaod rust because i havent played the game for a while. I went on a battelfield server and started playing. I was using my bolt and hit a sick shot https://plays.tv/s/M7ZqZM5t5Irm "plays tv clip of the shot" This evening i log on my computer TO SEE THIS SHIT should i sue facepunch? https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/439682/b23dc2d3-4f0d-4ae4-bae0-2a18e6f016e4/unknown1.png https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/439682/bce1be2e-bd01-4e38-8086-6802da77b99d/unknown.png
yeah please sue facepunch because you used cheats in a video game and aren't allowed to play it anymore
WDYM I NEVER CHEATED i have played this game since 2014. i cheat in csgo sometimes but i dont think they should be able to ban me for that this shit is retarded
LOL Nice...You just totally incriminated yourself. What you fail to see is that it all ties together so maybe you should look into EAC because no one will help you here at all.
so because i cheat in csgo means that i also chewat in rust? so if u eat pussy it also means u eat ass?
READ THIS concerning EAC bans/VAC bans/Game bans/developer bans/..
u chink i dont cheat in rust. i cheat in csgo because its boring + i only eat clean ass and it taste like nothing
He's banned now but let's get a few things straight: I am not Satoru Iwata. Iwata is dead. Iwata was Japanese, not Chinese, so "chink" isn't even the right racist slur. Unironically discussing ass-eating habits in a EAC ban thread lmao Boring games are okay to cheat in? I sure believe you didn't cheat in Rust with that attitude. I haven't seen a ban appeal dig its own hole like that for a while.
Stfu u tojo ching chong go make me an ipod and eat some rice
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