• Kinda annoying to get banned when it wasnt even me cheating
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So yeah, story begins with me getting hacked, my steam account stolen, "got it back already thank god" But so on it was sold on some russian site and the buyer for some reason wanted to cheat on rust "amazing" But the wierd part is why is the ban i got perma and not a limited time because it is a game ban after all and the fucked up part is that all my security was on "EMAIL, PHONE, STEAM GUARD," if those cant help then who ever can get hacked anytime "rip rust"
You are responsible for your account. Nothing can be done for you here
How can i do anything tho, i had all the security on...
EAC game bans are permanent and I don't know why you think otherwise. Sucks that you had your account compromised, that's between you and Steam Support, but the tragic fact is even if your account was hacked and you can prove it and even have the hacker on video saying "Hi I stole this Finnish dude's account and I'm a prick" in Russian the ban still will not and cannot be lifted because you are responsible for your account. If "my account was hacked, someone else did it" was an acceptable reason to remove a ban for detected cheats, everyone who's banned for cheating will suddenly have been mysteriously hacked and lost control of their Steam account. As usual, blame hackers for ruining everything.
it really is steams fault at this point then if they have this shit of a security measures....
That may or may not be true but I'm sorry to say that nobody on this forum can help you get unbanned, and EAC never lifts bans for detected cheats. You should also know that EAC bans your entire machine to prevent people from just buying another copy of Rust on a new Steam account and going back to cheating as if nothing happened. Don't waste your money buying new copies of the game on that same computer because they'll get autobanned.
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