• Unrightfully Game-Banned
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So, one day I went to log into Rust after not playing for a couple of months. And while I'm loading into the popular modded (Not hacks it just means it's not vanilla) server called "PixieRust 5x" it usually takes like 15 minutes for my computer especially when I've just opened the game so I tabbed out and started watching YouTube. Then later tabbed back in and it said something like an error: game banned and me thinking nothing of it I tried to reconnect. And after about 10 times I realised what it meant and my friend checked my steam profile and it said I had been game banned from rust so I begin to contact EAC and did it numerous times and still have been but apparently there is "substantial evidence" of me using a third party program when I can confirm I was not. I've got 454 hours in the game and have been game banned for 83 days now. My steam profile is Steam Community. I just want to be unbanned because I was wrongfully banned.
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