• MY SERVER! :-)
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Hello community! I am not 100% this is the rightful place where to promote a server. So if I am mistaking, my apologies but I am happy to annouce I have opened my Rust server! I need some feedback from more expert players! :-) I added "some" BOTs at monuments and I would like to have some feedbacks about this, so if you want to have a play here, you can search for "OMINOUS ISLAND" in the modded server list or you can use F1 and come to : OMINOUS ISLAND - 2X - LOOT+ - BOTs - KITS - WIPED 05.02 There is also the OFFICIAL FORUM for infos, complaint and compliments! You can log there with your Steam or GitHub account (so you don't have to waste time). You are welcome!
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