• RUST is infested by cheaters
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Luckily for new players or players without any experience on fps, many won't notice this, but if you have thousand hours on rust you already know that in EVERY populated server there is at least 10% of the players using no recoil or even aimbots wallhack speedhack bullets passing through walls & caves and ESP in the official servers. Me and my clan are on the edge of quitting, and as we are, many streamers are using/complaining about cheats especially "no recoil". We keep reporting players but many of them don't get banned while they are clearly cheating (i got video proof). Therefore we started digging in this dirty stuff to understand better what's going on. We googled and found straight away the bloody no recoil cheat and tested it on one clan member's account that has played separately from us (so risking only 1 account). Well he is still playing after 2 months, we all reported hem and he is still unbanned. NOW it's clear that Facepunch should do a better effort to ensure fair play. Playing in official server (in a competitive way) is impossible, and even streamers don't do it anymore. I lost many members in the last month due quitting the game. My 3 questions are: 1) Why my friend is still unbanned after 11 reports and 2 months using the no recoil cheat you find on google for free? 2) Why Facepunch insist on learnable recoils when it's obvious it's easily exploitable? 3) Does Facepunch realize that losing veteran players is the first step to lose popularity and kill the game? Alexborr TSC leader
If its learn-able then that means many people can learn to just dampen recoil without a program Which makes it very much impossible to even know if someones using a program or just good You see the issue here right? Imagine being banned for being good at dampening recoil
"Which makes it very much impossible to even know if someones using a program or just good" You have no idea of what you are talking about. YOU CAN'T spray at 180 meters with AK and hit every single shot. I say "YOU CAN'T" not just because i assume it... I say it because I watch the world top players playing rust, so if they can't, players with 30 hours on rust CAN'T. "Which makes it very much impossible to even know if someones using a program or just good" This is a ingenuous answer if we want to be generous. If a player with 3000 hours can distinguish a cheat from a good player, a program can certainly do it and do it better. You are only encouraging players to get cheats to fight cheats (and this is suspicious...!) Last but not least, Logitech mouse and others come with software that can learn the recoil for all weapons; how is learnable recoil a good choice for RUST?
Dude it's ok to admit you're bad at shooting, just take the time to learn the recoil pattern, theres plenty of games out there that help with that kind of thing if you dont want to do it on rust.
WE CANNOT HELP YOU report them with the ingame menu!
But how do you know if you're correct? Are you just assuming? Or did the guy say "Yeah I hack here's the website I downloaded it from?"
Facepunch clearly has a intake with all this and anyone who responds to this post by denying the evidence and trying to mislead is clearly rotten as the system that allows all this or can't see beyond of its nose. I'm out GARRY! Hope you're proud of this.
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